Sunday, July 25, 2010

1st time in the market

To day i joined the Little Penang Market for the first time to sell my stuffs.
I was very nerved from the early morning of the market, but then i have a lot of supports from my neighbour fellowship.
They really are very gennerous in compliment and encouraging.
I feel very good after having their comfort.

Then when the more visitors to come, the more people had interest in my crafts.
I doing all right for the first time attend ( i think so, just for start enough to pay the rent ).
I have made one on the spot and, buy the time i done with it, there 's a customer want to buy. (*v*) SOLD

I think i will try to join the market next month too.
Hope all the people that i met at the market to day will support me always.
For those who want to buy my crafts, please leave me a message.
I hope to see you next month in the market if not earlier.

Thank you all very much, may the luck and happiness will be our guardian always.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Love birds SOLD

Outer frame size : 19.4cm x 15.7cm
Price : RM 12

Dark blue & White butterfly

Another butterfly in frame.

Outer frame size : 13cm x 13cm
Price : RM 12


Butterfly in frame

It's took me some time to make this Butterfly in frame as i'm a part time crafter.
The frame made from recycle paper.

Outer frame size : 14cm x 14cm
Price : RM 12